Open Music – Tone Rows and the Maquette

Today’s algorithmic composition tutorial looks at using OpenMusic to manipulate and generate musical material from tone rows. If you haven’t already got OpenMusic installed you can download OpenMusic free for Mac and PC here. IRCAM supply a number of tutorials but you can also look through the OpenMusic tutorials available here. Jump to the end […]

OpenMusic 6.5

A new version of OpenMusic has been released today. This algorithmic composition software is developed by IRCAM and the latest version 6.5 has been released for free before it’s been released to paying IRCAM forum members. You can download OpenMusic for Mac and PC here. Like this:Like Loading…

Algorithmic Composition with OpenMusic | Markov Chains and Rhythm

Previous Algorithmic Composition tutorials have looked at using Markov Chains in OpenMusic, using some of the functions available in the OMalea library to analyse the pitches of a MIDI file and create new algorithmic compositions based on these. Today we’re looking using Markov Chains in OpenMusic to generate rhythmic patterns for algorithmic compositions. Like this:Like […]

Algorithmic Composition | OpenMusic Rhythm Trees Tutorial Part 2

In our last algorithmic composition tutorial we introduced using Rhythm Trees in OpenMusic. Rhythm trees are powerful ways of representing complex musical rhythms, the downside is that they can be a little cumbersome to enter by hand. Fortunately we can use some of the built in objects in OpenMusic and simple algorithmic composition techniques to […]

Algorithmic Composition | OpenMusic Rhythm Trees Tutorial Part 1

In previous algorithmic composition tutorials we’ve looked at using OpenMusic for algorithmic composition, today’s algorithmic composition tutorial introduces Rhythm Trees. Rhythm trees are a way of representing rhythm with nested lists. The notation can get quite unwieldy and a little complicated, however these disadvantages are outweighed by the advantages. using rhythm trees it’s possible to […]