Sunday 8 November 2009

Algorithmic Composition

I'm an algorithmic composer, I write software that composes music. In this blog I'll be posting sample music together with tutorials, patches and lessons on how you can use computers to compose music algorithmically.

If this is new to you, don't worry. We'll be taking things from the ground up in small steps.

If you've composed music algorithmically before there will be lots of intermediate and advanced tutorials that walk through Markov chains, neural nets, chaos, fuzzy logic, stochastic, data driven approaches and more.

Lots of the concepts and ideas we'll discuss can be implemented on different platforms. I'll be reviewing free and paid-for software that can be used for algorithmic composition and posting lots of free downloadable example patches using Max, PureData, OpenMusic, LISP, Java and more.

You don't have to be a programmer to make algorithmic music, just an interest in creating music in new ways....