Monday 18 July 2011

OpenMusic 6.5

A new version of OpenMusic has been released today. This algorithmic composition software is developed by IRCAM and the latest version 6.5 has been released for free before it's been released to paying IRCAM forum members. You can download OpenMusic for Mac and PC here.

OpenMusic 6.5 includes the following new features and bug fixes:

OMSheet (beta):
The sheet is a new score container allowing to bring together voices, chord-seqs, sounds, BPFs and other objects is a common view with accurate time alignment, and to program functional relations between these objects.
  • Screamer toolbox updated
  • Groups functions available
  • Keep Listener window on top (Option – see Preferences / General)
  • Libraries "auto-documentation" system
The MIDI pages in the OM User Manual have been updated
  • MIDI Reset command (in Preferences / MIDI)
  • SOUND-REC function (record incoming audio)
  • Record command in Sound editor.
  • Function ADSR (generate ADSR envelopes)
  • Function "true-durations": handles polyphony / overlapping notes
  • Attributes of internal abstractions preserved (pictures, eval-func, etc.)
  • Internal maquette box display
Bug fixes (non-exhaustive list):
  • Undo command in Chord-seq editors
  • Tempo-Map object miniview
  • TextFile evaluation in internal patches
  • Saving/Reload for SINGLE-ITEM-LIST and MULTI-ITEM-LIST
  • Eval-Once mode on Factory boxes
  • Name conflicts in MusicXML import
  • Class-array: indices updating at remove-comp / add-comp etc + set data with NIL slot inputs
  • Floating palettes bugs
  • Item sorting (workspace/folder windows)
  • SDIF→BPF matrix type
If you've never used OpenMusic there are lots of OpenMusic tutorials available here and there will be a new OpenMusic algorithmic composition tutorial covering some of these new OpenMusic 6.5 features soon.