Friday 19 March 2010

Open Music

Open Music is a visual programming language for algorithmic composition that is written in LISP. It uses a graphical interface in which you connect objects together to create your patch:

Open music has many built in functions and can output MIDI, traditional scores in musicXML format to Sibelius and Finale, Csound scores and more.

In addition to the built in tutorials, two books are available. The OM Composers Book1 and The OM Composers Book2, a future post will give a full review of these books.

Openmusic is available for Apple Macs and Windows computers. A version with additional libraries is available by subscribing to the IRCAM forum but a full and free open source version is also available

We'll include some full Openmusic tutorials in a future post, but for now here is the OpenMusic version of the simple random pitches patch created in PureData last time.

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