Tuesday 12 January 2016

Automatic Breakbeat Generator – Max

In this post we’ll create an automatic Breakbeat cutter in Max that will play randomised selections from a sampled drum loop. We’ll also use this together with a Markov melody generator. You can hear some sample algorithmic composition output in this example and download the patch at the end of the post:
A Quick Recap
We have used objects, messages, numbers, buttons and toggles. All of these (and more) can be inserted by double clicking in a blank space or using the keyboard shortcut.
maxmsp basics
Breakbeat Generator
We’ll now start building the breakbeat generator.
We’re going to create an automatic breakbeat generator patch. This will patch will chop up drum loops. This patch will create a breakbeat effect by chopping a sample into 8 and rather than playing straight through in order, playing:
  • 3 consecutive parts chosen from a random start point.
  • 3 consecutive parts chosen from a random start point.
  • 2 consecutive parts chosen from a random start point.
e.g. from the 8 sections of our loop, some 3+3+2 examples could include:
  • 2 3 4 / 6 7 8 / 3 4
  • 5 6 7 / 1 2 3 / 5 6
  • 4 5 6 / 2 3 4 / 6 7
  • 6 7 8 / 5 6 7 / 2 3 etc
Create this patch. This will load, play and cutup our drum loop sample.
algorithmic composition breakbeat generator maxmsp max
Note: ‘p’ stands for patcher in Max Double click on this object and we can edit what’s inside it. Add this to the inside of the patcher:
maxmsp breakbeat generator
We created the Markov Melody Generator in this previous algorithmic composition post
markov chains max maxmsp
The breakbeat generator and Markov chain generator are both connected to a toggle so they can be started at the same time.
maxmsp breakbeat generator4
You can download the Max patch here. Patches for older posts will also be uploaded soon. Check out the algorithmic composition forum to introduce yourself and ask any questions.

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